Red Fox Picture

(Alternate title: There's only one way out, through me.)

The Red Fox, this foxy femme fatale is the guardian of Pepper Pond City with its buildings, landmarks, harbor, ect. Everything a city needs when it has a superhero type!
Donovan Daldante Renard is the latest of a family line that traces its ancestry back to the Teumessian Fox of Greek mythology, from before she and the Laelaps Hound were turned into stone by Zeus and cast to the stars. Donovan has also inherited the Foxstone amulet, a family treasure passed down from generation to generation. This stone amulet is actually a fragment of the Teumessian Fox's statue form that broke off, and its energy reacts to those of the vixen's bloodline, granting the weilder great power. Strength enough to be able to easily level an entire city (So super strong, but not as strong as Superman or Goku >D ), heightened agility and the ability to super jump, heightened senses like a fox's, and perhaps quite uniquely, the power to be uncatchable just like the Teumessian Fox herself.

Great power comes with a heavy burden, and many of his ancestors gave in to the temptation to use it for evil means. However as his grandmother, the former Silver Fox, taught him, power in of itself is neither good nor evil, it is those who wield it for good or evil purposes.
Fastidious' Servant
Im going to hell??
Red Fox
5.36 - Prologue
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