Myths, Legends and Dreams Picture

...The Old Myths and Legends of the Ancient Epoques; The knowledge which I´ve raised up; Always making me dream of other worlds, of living other lives...: Here I present my Own Favourite Collection of Fantastic Creatures from different mythologies.

Medussa...Says Ovidius,that was one of the three daughters of the dark and infernal gods Orcus & Forcis.Instead of her sisters,that they were born with a very terrible aspect:Wings & claws made of bronze,horrible & dangerous snakes in their hair,wild boar teeth,& a very deep and horrible monster face,to can scare the strangers...But Medussa,was born different:Looking like a very pretty,& enchanting girl,wich her very best prettiest & attractive virtue was her long,soft,& wild hair.With the past of the years,she became the most powerful & loyal priestess of Athena,The Goddes of Arts & Wisdom,in the libian deserts;But for this,she had to sacrifice one thing very important in her life,so she had to promess to keep virgin,& to don´t give her heart to any men,4ever...The legends says,that Poseidon,the God of The See,he couldn´t deal that long time ago,Athena good in a divine´s contest the protection & the royal & divine right over the city of Athens,so when he discovered the faithful love and protection,that the goddess use to dedicate to the simple priestess,he decided to take this revenge on the divine daugther of Zeus,using Medussa...
And taking a human shape,he ended one night seducing her,and making love with her on the table of sacrifices of the Sacred Temple of Athena,in Libia: When the Proud Goddess discovered this,full of rage,she decided to punish Medussa for this fault,and erased all her grace & beauty,metamorphing her into a very dangerous and horrible monster;mixing poison snakes on her hair,(as her infernal sisters!!!!),and deforming completely all her body and face,until she get to looked like the mythincal Equidna;And not completely satisfied with this,she...damned her to live in loneliness,hidden more far away than the mountains of Hesperia,and putting on her the hard & dangerous spell of make become into stone,all the persons & alive creatures(Don´t mind human,animal,or vegetal!!!!),from the first instant that they´d watch directly,into her green dangerous eyes...

*Here I´ve wanted to show Medussa,as I would like to see her;As I´ve always I´ve been imagining her,and not like the horrible monster that a lot of people,saw in her:A Medusa,that even If she is a dangerous & powerful,she stills keeping something human,in her misterious & Furious face...
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