ZEUS Custom Picture

I was banging around my local flea market when I saw a Mcfarlain Zeus figure in package for $5 bucks. I love Greek Mythology so I was like alright I will rework this sucker!

I first started taken the head and armor apart. I took of the possible beard. That is such a suckie possible part! A beard?! Anyway it blocked alot of armor detail so junk that crap. And I took the plastic loin cloth from his back and put it where it belongs, blocking his huge junk LOL. I then took what was his shin guards and put them now as his shoulder guards. So I mostly reranged the armor and then I had to make new shin guards, cuz it had holes for knee caps after. AVES Apoxie is my new best friend!!

I dry brushed the armor and stag horn helmet a sharper gold color. Used a burnt sienna as a wash so you can see all that awesome scupting of his arms and chest. And last but not least made that cool lightning FX for his hand.
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ZEUS Custom
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