My Blue-Eyes Endymion 09 Picture

Baby #6

Name : Endymion.
Nickname : Mion

History of his name : Derived from Greek ενδυειν (endyein) meaning "to dive into, to enter". In Greek mythology he was an Aeolian mortal loved by the moon goddess Selene, who asked Zeus to grant him eternal life. Zeus complied by putting him into an eternal sleep in a cave on Mount Latmos. I gave him the name because he looks sleepy all the time. ^^

Type : Dream of Teenager [DOT], Tender Lahoo Version, Normal Skin, Limited Edition Event Head
Family : Dream of Doll [DOD]
Age : 22 years old
Birthdate : October 16th, Libra
Gender : Male
Divide and Conflict
My Blue-Eyes Endymion 09
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