Lu's Eyrie Picture

Have you ever gone back over old pics and been like "hey ima redraw that" yhea i do that often sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't sometimes i do it because i really missed a character and just wanted to draw them agian

Here's a character i've been missing alot
Luine Earriel my Eyrie from Neopets

I love griffens so when i first joined the site i deceded to Get an eyrie and from there well she became an OC

she's still active on neopets you can she her look up and et page here [link]

also if you wanna see the orginal drawing it's here [link]

I didn;t change her looks much I wanted to kee her the same ^.^

ohh and yes shes holding me duh lol

Luine: :huggles lu:

Art and characters are Copyrighted to Angela G. Davis AkA mAD HAttER Lu

Eyries are copyrightyed to neopets

Griffens however are copyrighted to....mother nature? greek mythology? zeus?
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Lu's Eyrie
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