Mythology : Ares Picture

my version of Ares, another olympian god... o.o/...

"Ares (Ancient Greek: Ἄρης [árɛːs], Μodern Greek: Άρης [ˈaris]) is a major deity and a member of the Twelve Olympians, a son of Zeus and Hera, in Greek mythology. Though often referred to as the Olympian god of warfare, he is more accurately the god of bloodlust, or slaughter personified: "Ares is apparently an ancient abstract noun meaning throng of battle, war."[1] He also presides over the weapons of war, the defence and sacking of cities, rebellion and civil order, banditry, manliness and courage."

Font: Wikipedia...


Ares is my most favorite male god... I don´t know why, but I realy¹²³ like him...

Time: 3 ~5 hours..
In: Photoshop..
Music : Kiew Mission - Tangerine Dream...
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Mythology : Ares