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" And from thence he will come To judge the living and the dead "

--The Apostle's Creed

" If the very Devil himself came to judge me, I'd spit in his face; may his beard fall out and he never live to see his children grown! He has no right to judge me! .... A Cossack, thank God, fears neither devil nor Catholic priest. "

--Nikolai Gogol, Evenings on a Farm in Dikanka


sergei ruchkin: [link]

the martyrs
the horned god



-the concept of the 'judge of the dead' is one that has existed since the very first religions. various deities were attributed with standing trial over a man's soul after his body had died, to determine what would become of him in the afterlife.

-in Greek Mythology, there is a trio of judges of the dead: Minos, Rhadamanthys, and Aiakos, three demigods who were once mortals and sons of Zeus who were granted their positions by Zeus when they died for establishing law among the mortals. I imagine that the trio of Virizion, Cobalion, and Terrakion are something like this: demigods affiliated with justice.

-Annwn can be translated as either the world of faerie or the land of the dead. Or both. Why choose?

-as Sergei is affiliated with the dead and he is "dead" himself, it seems only fitting that he should come across a judge of the dead.

-up until this point, Sergei's actions have been determined by other people (Kanto leadership, Madigan, John Faustus). now that he's confronting a god, it seems like the pattern should continue. like many Eastern and Central European countries, his fate seems to be forever determined by outside powers... or is it?


those guys were definitely in trees before...


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ER R6: KA-139 P XV
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