The abduction of Europe by Zeus pt1 Picture

It is a rather long script to translate from Greek, so I'll just say this: this is my first comic ever (I'm so happy!!!). It is about the abduction of Europe, with a funny twist, lots of puns, and riduculous mythological figures. I made it with HB pencils, inked it with 0.7 pens and that's about it. The story was made for the first self-published comic book by the Inkorrekt comics group I joined about 4 months ago. I love the way Zeus hugs the girl in the fourth panel, and you guessed it, these are hearts pierced by lightnings, not arrows! Part two coming up!
Zeus Abducting Ganymede
Zeus Poseidon Hades
The abduction of Europe by Zeus pt1
The Abduction of Persephone