Greek god bird lineup (updated) Picture

Just made some changes, wanted to put a little info about them. And i wanted to use the backgrounds i made for them at first

So i'm currently learning about mythology in my English class and I wanted to design the main Gods and Goddesses in a bird form because most of them have a bird as their symbol
So in order..

Zues - Golden Eagle - The boss, God of all living things and sky
Hera - Peacock - God of marriage and women
Poseidon - Osprey - God of the sea and storms
Hades - Griffon Vulture - God of the Underworld
Athena - Barn Owl - God of Wisdom and war strategy
Aphrodite - Flamingo - God of love and beauty (I wanted to do a swan for her but i also wanted to make her color pink so i decided a flamingo would be more recognized
Apollo - Cockatoo - God of fine arts and music, and the sun
Artemis - White hawk - God of hunting and the moon (She's Apollo's twin but their personalities are nothing alike so i just made their birds similar)
Demeter - Red-throat hummingbird - God of agriculture and grain
Ares - Raven - God of War
Dionysus - Macaw - God of Wine
Hestia - Quail - God of home and hearth
Hermes - Jackal Buzzard - God of messages and thieves
Persephone - Robin - Queen of the Underworld and married to Hades, also Demeter's daughter
Hephaestus - Red tail Hawk - God of fire and blacksmith

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Greek god bird lineup (updated)
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