Auzikatae - GIMP WIP Picture

Transparent sketch: [link]

Second GIMP WIP: [link]

Second sketch: [link]

ANNNNDD this is the reason my hand hurts as much as it does @,@ Painting the way I'm trying to in GIMP is HARD...

ESPECIALLY WHEN THE INSTRUCTIONS ARE FOR PHOTOSHOP >:/ Of course they couldn't stick in a couple of the tools in GIMP that were similar to the ones they mentioned in the darned book, grrrr....

Oh well, it's a fun challenge I guess e.e As frustrating as it is...

Anywho I know it looks a little craptacular right now but like the title says I'm still working on it but if there are any people out there who use GIMP frequently and could give me some tips on how to use it better for painting like this it'd be much appreciated @,@

Gah, I need to get a new tablet so bad >.< I have one but it moves to slow so I do all my digital work with a mouse @,@ My hand is so sore...

(c) Auzikatae, art copyright to Amber Peckham
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Auzikatae - GIMP WIP
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