Nereid Emerges From A Wave Picture

"In Greek mythology, the Nereids are sea nymphs, the fifty daughters of Nereus and Doris. They often accompany Poseidon and are always friendly and helpful towards sailors fighting perilous storms. They are particularly associated with the Aegean Sea, where they dwelt with their father in the depths within a silvery cave. The most notable of them are Thetis, wife of Peleus and mother of Achilles; Amphitrite, wife of Poseidon; and Galatea, love of the Cyclops Polyphemus." (Wikipedia, of course).

This isn't a specific Nereid. It's just a fancy theme of a mixture of images. You may recognise the face from a few of my previous drawings. You might even recognise the pose. This was originally going to be a straight illustration of model Sarah Smile, who I had previously doodled in 'Patience' and 'A Worthwhile Wait', but I felt I needed to be more creative in the ideas behind drawing rather than just the way I draw them. So I changed the model, changed the setting, changed the theme more or less. Perhaps it's not the most imaginative theme, but let's just say I'll be working on that
Cetus the Sea Monster
Poseidon Glitch
Nereid Emerges From A Wave
KAS Pegasus