Random People -Greek Mythology Picture

Now this bunch of characters are just random anonymous people I drew for my Negima Mythology stories. The random anonymous guy (such as the one in my avatar) was inspired by people I see in the background in Ken Akamatsu's Negima manga. It eventually resulted in creating the random guys...

Who's who in this pic?

The random guy- you'll often see these guys.

The random girl- I colored them pink and added some kind of hairstyle to distinguish them from the random guy.

Hoplites - These guys are my depictions of hoplites for Negima Mythology... I guess you could say the hoplite on the left with the blue plume is the Athenian, while the hoplite on the right is the Spartan.

Twilit Libra - Actually the name of the character comes from an actual forum member of Aquastar Anime forums. He requested me to make a generic character for him with a checker pattern... most of the time I call this character the checker man...

Illithya - I decided to use a random anonymous pig-tailed girl (which I might use as a random doctor for modern use)

Maenad - Those wild nymphs that hang out with Dionysus. They can be rude and brutal at times... I also use this character as the random tomboy for modern use...

Pythia - Described as one of those priestesses of the Temple of Apollo at Delphi. Basically a random girl with that branch she's holding...

Hunter Nymphs - These girls hang out with Artemis... forgot what the name of these nymphs were... I plan to use the character design for the random journalist/reporter.

Centaur - self-explanatory...

Nereid - Nymphs that dwell in the sea, particularly in Poseidon's territory.
Random People -Greek Mythology
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