Advertising Design Project 1 Picture

Just a collage of various things I like.

Items on there:
Pinkie Pie - MLP:FiM
Twilight Sparkle - MLP:FiM
Cirque Du Freak Poster
Doctor Who symbol
Pikachu - Pokemon
Victini - Pokemon
Fennekin - Pokemon
Link - Legend of Zelda
Mario & Yoshi - Mario
Conker the Squirrel - Conker's Bad Fur Day
Zeus - Greek Mythology
Poseidon - Greek Mythology
Wheatley - Portal
Heroes of Olympus symbol
Creeper - Minecraft
Playstation 3 Controller
Random Squirrel
Disturbed symbol
Metallica Symbol
Hollywood Undead symbol
Christian Cross
Johnny 3 Tears - Hollywood Undead
Harry Potter
CR: OC_Moires Lance
Urban Titans
Advertising Design Project 1
Greeks and Geeks - Cover