November 2011 - Connie-Hestia Picture

The Eternal War

Almost near the end stage of my ginormous project that's been going on since February 2011. Somehow it morphed from just being a collection of portraits to a complete 16-month calendar that I'm doing mostly for my technology-deficient grandparents. ^^

"People forget that fire can burn."

Connie Harper, host/reincarnation of Hestia, at first seems destined to be just as kind, warm, and on the back burner as her god-guest. As she decides to step into the spotlight of her own life, her friends quickly learn that nice though she may be, they really shouldn't play with fire.
Hestia Goddess of the Hearth
Athena, Goddess of Battle.
November 2011 - Connie-Hestia
Hestia: Goddess of the Hearth
Hera, Goddess of Marriage.