Technicolor Peacock Picture

This piece was completed on January 5, 2010. Made with colored construction paper, glue, watercolors, Sakura Pigma Micron pens, and various kinds of markers. It is also slightly cut off by the scanner. I'm sure you guys didn't expect this to be my first picture of the new decade, but I figured that my tradition of doing New Year's pictures soon after midnight hadn't been giving me enough luck for the new year (and at that time, I was watching a movie with family and friends...). I was really struck with the inspiration to do something abstract yesterday, though. So how can I explain this piece? Although having the world's eyes on you may seem desirable, it is actually quite destructive. What is you dissolves in the midst of expectations of beauty and tradition-- rules that may seem natural but are themselves constructed. And if my memory of Greek mythology serves me correctly, the thousand eyes of Argos, a creature who was one of Hera's guards, were transformed into the eyes on peacocks' tails somehow...
Hera the pony Goddess
Ares: God of War
Technicolor Peacock
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