Thunder Woman Enemy: Scylla Picture

Scylla is a monstrous, hydra-esque creature that Thunder Woman encountered during an adventure in the Mediterranean. Egged on by Hera, this creature managed to initially beat and subdue Thunder Woman, but the heroine managed to free herself and escape. Since then Scylla has been a thorn in Thunder Woman's side.

Besides being incredibly strong, tough, and armed with innumerable tendriled limbs, Scylla can create powerful whirlpools and waterspouts capable of destroying ships with ease. She is also incredibly fast and agile in the water, especially given her size, and can project a blinding, acidic ooze. This combination of traits allowed her to briefly capture Thunder Woman and hold the heroine prisoner in the creature's underwater lair.

Note that Scylla consists of seven "heads." Only three are depicted here.

Scylla is (c)