In Trouble Aphy Picture

Why is she "in trouble you ask" her bitch mommy Hera condemned her for kissing Rico in the early days. Since that kiss though they've been soulbound. They found each other later on and in the series Aphrodite relived the time they were little and she asked him to marry her hence kissing him and her mother Hera condemning her to be with Rico anymore. Hera is truly a bitch... Aphy since she was little has always wanted Rico from the start. Always avoiding Ares to keep her loyalty to Rico. Ares is the God Aphy was supposed to be with according to Hera. She instead choose Rico because she truly found love with him at her young age of 3.

The series is getting intense, Rico wakes up next to aphy with a very bad dream of his own almost causeing him to turn to Diablo... and soon he will fight his father the demon lord Azazel a menacing Demon who can kill immortals in their tracks...

yes... thats a cliffhanger so hate me...
Hera - Goddess of Women and Marriage
In Trouble Aphy
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