Dioses: The Olympian Goddesses Picture


Here are the 6 Greek goddesses that you can see in our manga "Dioses". These goddesses dwell in Olympus.

(clockwise, start from the upper left corner)

~ the Goddess of Grains and Harvest.
~ mother of Persephone

~ the Queen Goddess
~ wife of Zeus, the King of the Gods
~ goddess of marriage

~ eldest among the Olympian Gods and Goddesses
~ goddess of the hearth
~ one among the three Virgin Goddesses

~ twin sister of Apollo
~ goddess of the moon and the hunt
~ also a Virgin Goddess

~ goddess of beauty and love

~ one of the Virgin Goddesses
~ goddess of wisdom and craftsmanship

** If you are asked to give the Golden Apple to the fairest of all, who among these goddesses will it be?

Just a reminder, "Dioses" is our original story, but the characters involved are from mythologies (Greek, Aztec, Egyptian and Norse).

"Dioses" and all characters (c) Ehatsumi & I-en
medium used:
colored pens, pencils and colored pencils.
done on a board paper
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