Ptha Daa Picture

Ptha Daa. The first level which the path is not clearly shown. It is lengthy with the design looking like a big six and a small six but the lines of spheres travel the slowly (possibly the slowest of all the levels) even on Challenge of Horus difficulty. I find this level too much of a breather that I rather listen to the music than play it (though I will not to earn the maximum score). As for the background, I do not get the link between Ptah, a god, with boats (though it may look like a barque).

This level appears in 2-4, 5-4, 8-4 and 11-4 (easy, normal and hard difficulty) and level 2-3 (Challenge of Horus difficulty).

*In Egyptian mythology, Ptah (/pəˈtɑː/; Egyptian: ptḥ, probably vocalized as Pitaḥ in ancient Egyptian) is the demiurge of Memphis, god of craftsmen and architects. In the triad of Memphis, he is the husband of Sekhmet and the father of Nefertum. He was also regarded as the father of the sage Imhotep. The Greeks knew him as the god Hephaestus, and in this form Manetho made him the first king of Egypt.

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