+GT - Hades+ Picture

character: hades (OC)
media used: photoshop CS3, paint shop pro 8 for colour adjusting & dA background

Here he is, the King of the Underworld~! Did you know that in Russia Hades is actually called an emperor, not a king? (this is pretty much the only useful thing I've learnt during my Russian Literature classes... just joking. Wait. Not really).

Emperor or king, it doesn't matter - you just have to think of him as the most fabulous man ever. At least when you live in the Underworld, which is an ever-expanding cosmopolitan city in this story. He's over 2000 years old (which makes him, like, 10 times older than his wife) and still manages to look so sexy :< How the hell is this even possible?

GT belongs to my love.
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+GT - Hades+
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