Ask Human Persephone and Hades Picture

Name: Persephone Carroll

Nickname: None

Age: 19, Older

Gender: Female

Orientation: Pansexual

Birthday: August 02

Status: Sexy, free, and single, so ready to mingle

Height: 5'7

Weight: 149 lb

Build: Slender, busty, curvy, lanky

Species: Human

Origin: Greece

Nationality: Mixed; Greek, Turkish, Italian, English, Russian, Asian, Germanic, Scandinavian, European, etc...

Occupation: University Student, librarian.

Powers/Weapons: Pepper spray, hand-to-hand fighting, mixed Martial Arts

Likes: Mythologies, messing around with her little brother, sleeping, pranking, studying, high scores on the finals and exams, tea, anime, Homestuck, KHR(Katekyo Hitman Reborn), Karneval, ALL THE ANIME, the internet connection in her house, TUMBLR, conventions, cosplaying, mythology collection, when her bro cosplays with her, crossplay

Dislikes: Making the cosplay outfits, Hades scolding her, lightning storms, belittled, feeling like the younger twin, University

Personality: Organized, tricky, prankster, somewhat serious, spunky, spirited, optimistic, foolish, etc...


-Likes taking long naps
-Hades and her go to the same University
-Contemplating on taking Botany or Archeology
-Goes to cons a lot
-Her favorite people to cosplay are Dave Strider, Karkat Vantas, Nepeta Leijon, Kanaya Maryam, Gareki, Nai, Yogi, and Vriska Serket along with her headcanons for them (i.e. freckles for Karkat, Nepeta, and Dave)
-Average grades
-Second year
-Lives in her house, not dorms


Name: Hades Carroll

Nickname: Mr. Fussy McFussypants (Persephone), Crabby Pants,

Age: 19, younger

Gender: Male

Orientation: Asexual

Birthday: August 02

Status: Sexy, free, and single, not ready to mingle

Height: 5'9, 5'8 when slouching a bit

Weight: 151 lb

Build: Athletic, lanky, a tad muscular, slender

Species: Human

Origin: Greece

Nationality: Mixed; Greek, Turkish, Italian, English, Russian, Asian, Germanic, Scandinavian, European, etc...

Occupation: Librarian, University Student

Powers/Weapons: Knows how to snap someone's head, Mixed Martial Arts

Likes: Reading, sleeping, tea, bitter things, seeing Persephone happy, finishing assignments ahead, having a early start on homework, coffee, University, Biology, living in a house with his sister, their giant book collection, mythology, being alone, anime, Homestuck,

Dislikes: People interrupting his naps, taste of vanilla, taste of chocolate, people interrupting his reading, Persephone being lazy, the fact that she convinced him to dye his hair with her and Poseidon, being hit on when he's at a con cosplaying, being lost, being with out Persephone (Cause that how they are), people, crowds,

Personality: Cold, Stoic, intelligent, sweet to only three people, thoughtful,


-He cosplays with Persephone time to time *coughcoughwhichisalotcoughcough*
-Favorite person to cosplay is Bro Strider, Jake English, Dirk Strider, Eren Jaeger, and Eridan Ampora.
-Excellent Grades


Just wanted to throw these facts in cause it's fun.

-When it's their birthday, they just stay in all day watching movies and movie marathons on their bed eating junk food and some healthy food like the gluttonous people the are. If they decide to go out, they go to the nearest mall and just pig out and buy some stuff for eachother.

-Medusa, or in this world Malinda, used to be Persephone, Hades, and Poseidon's caretaker

- Both wear sweaters to make fun of eachother

-In this world, Hades is a bit more gentle and foolish

-Both have piercings

Hades: Cartilage, standard lobe, and upper lobe
Persephone: Snake bites, cartilage, standard lobe, upper lobe.
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Ask Human Persephone and Hades
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