Leila Picture

This is another one of my originals, Leila, who is a somewhat major character in the majorly casted story Eiio de Ero, only 1 year in the making. This is one of the older drawings I did, and a lot more realistic than I usually do. But everyone I know who sees this picture really likes it, so I decided to upload it.

In this picture, I gave Leila a "Persephone" theme, because like Persephone, she is "married" to an ominous, dark force. (To Persephone, her Hades, and Leila, her Eiio) To signify this, I gave her the crown of flowers and Greek attire. I thought it looked really cute, but never got around to dressing Eiio like Hades.... Oh well...

Comments and Critiques are muchly appreciated, thank you.
Charon, Ferryman of the dead.
Persephone doodle
Female Ares Doll