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ok......my character from my book-to-be (I hope) Hades.....ok..the name is from Greek Mythology, yes....but I've stolen him ^^...ok and for the record..I did NOT copy disney on his appearance....he is blue, yes, and has flames for hair, yes but that is generally the only similarity and the reason for the blue-ness is that if I were to make it black, its too stereotypical and the flames....well they're just fun ^^ ok.....and theres a quote that goes with this too.... it's supposed to be addressing my Clone (yes theres a clone, so no stealy) and he's saying "Do not tempt me child, for you know not who I am..." and the black circular object in his hand is an energy SPHERE *glances around at silver and demona-chan* SPHERE!!!! ok....it's his favourite attack......but yeah.....and his wings are all supposed to be mismatched, and if you look at him from the back you would think that he ripped random wings off creatures and stuck them to himself.....which is generally what he did ^^ but yeah.... eheh anyway, I reather like the way the fire turned out.....but thats about it ^^;;......sorry peoples.....if I'm wasting your precious time..... I be a good girl *looks down* mrf

Done with ink and prismacolour pencils...

Hades and all character ideas/plot/appearances/quotes are © to me....
All story ideas/plots and quotes or characters are also © to me.....and I think that might be it ^^
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Mismatched wings of evil
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