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Prosymnus (left hand side) - At the start of Dionysus' descent into Hades' realm to retrieve his mother, Semele, Prosymnus is a shepherd living near the Alcyonian Lake, known to be bottomless and not well recommended to swim, even if on a dare. In a way, it resembles Dante's Inferno, more or less. Dionysus is the said poet himself while Prosymnus is Vergil, his sole guide to the entrance of the dead. Only difference is that Prosymnus would like his right to perform...coitus with Dionysus as his reward. However, Dionysus took a different route back up to the earthly plane, and he realized that Prosymnus died. How he died wasn't explained fully. So in order to honor his promise, Dionysus by taking a piece of fig wood and carved it into...



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Dionysus and His Boy Toys
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