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There actually was a priestess in Athens in the 4th century BCE that was put to death for making "magic potions" (probably referring to love potions) for young men. Priests and priestesses mediated with the gods for the community while sorcerers invoked other powers, so there was an opposition between the two roles. I've read about it in Girls and women in classical Greek religion by Matthew Dillon.

You maybe remember that Hades doesn't like necromancers because of their (in his eyes) disrespect for the dead. Maybe he also has found out that people use to sacrifice dogs to Hekate. That would probably upset him even more than her practising of necromancy...

I might regret later that I included that memory fragment from Hades' and Persephone's first meeting at the family party. I have the whole scene written down so I know exactly how it happened, but since my stories sometimes change while I'm working on them, what if that scene has changed when I finally get to draw it? I can't be sure about that. Oh well, in that case it would be quite easy to redraw that last panel. Sigh! Sometimes I feel like the most unprofessional cartoonist ever...
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