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characters: Charlize, Boris (OCs from Utopia)
programs: photoshop 7, paint shop pro 8

October 30th is Boris' birthday. He's one of the main characters of my ongoing comic project Utopia and I thought that I should make something unusual for him... and by "something unusual" I mean a CG, because I've been spoiling you all with those marker works for the last few months.

Setting it just in plain Utopia or in plain Greeky Tale (since the characters appear there as Hades and Persephone) would be a bit boring for such an occasion, so I decided to mash these two worlds up~ This is why the Victorian elements of the first story mix with the modern bits of the other one. There's a bit of symbolism going on there; I won't explain everything as it might be considered as spoilers for both projects, but I'll tell you about the most important thing here or WHY THE HELL IS BORIS HALF-NAKED.

As I've chosen to draw them the way they appear in Utopia (different body types, face shape, eye colour - their GT counterparts look like them only at the first glance, then you start noticing all the differences), I wanted to put a bit of their own story here. You see, Charlize was a few years older than Boris and had some heavy experience with her; she had to hide her own identity and gender, too. I didn't come that far with the picture, but if you look closer at her corset, you'll notice that it was supposed to look a bit like an armor - it's made from metal. Charlize's pose is a bit reserved, even though she's turned to Boris. As for the birthday boy (
Hades, Charon and Cerberus
Hades - new version
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