Bird-eater Spider Picture

[Ms. Ritter requested a seamstress’ magic… I’m going to ramble here, and it’s going to be big. Sorry.]

Threads infused with an enchantment wrap around a little raven, caught in the web of something deep underground where he shouldn’t be. Its sickening magic soaks right in the mystically-dry bird, down through the feathers, down through the bone and shakes his soul enough to make him flash and grow and burst through the gossamer. As anything in or under Gensokyo, the tales and fears of the human subconscious weaves itself into his being when he is left blank. He reforms with two tales under the shade of his wings; Firstly, the greatest seamstress Youkai in history has stitched her symbolism into his being. His own weaving webs dangle from his fingers. Greek mysticism dribbles down the web, venom from Arachne’s fangs coursing in his veins.

With the new human form comes a new humanity; Closer than human than Raven or Tengu ever before, he feels his wings sag and hang on his back like weights. The brilliance emanating from him, that inborn luminosity inherent in he who is defiant of Hell, begins to burn and boil him without pain. The light that he cannot escape is destroying the work of another craftsman; His wings of wax and string begin to melt and drip about him.

[So, for this I felt like mixing up Greco-Roman mythology. The tales of Arachne and Daedalus and Icarus. If you’re a fan of certain other things, you could probably guess where the color scheme is from, and the inspiration for Arachne’s side.]
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Bird-eater Spider
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