The Goddess and The Weaver Picture

A picture inspired by the song "The Goddess and The Weaver" by Spiral Dance, which relates the Greek myth of Arachnia.

(You can listen to it here [link] - The picture makes far more sense if you listen to the song)

The symbols on the tapestry represent the Olympian Gods in the song...

Thunderbolt = Zeus
Shield/Owl = Athena
Lyre/Laurel Wreath = Apollo
Peacock feather = Hera
Wine/Ivy = Dionysus
Dove/Myrtle = Aphrodite
Spear/Vulture = Ares
Corn/Torch = Demeter
Fire/Hammer = Hephaestus
Bow = Diana
Winged boot = Hermes
Cerebus = Hades

Didn't have enough room for all the Olympian gods though...

Total time: 12 Hours
Medium: Pencil, Ink, COPIC Markers, and Colored Pencil

Song (c) Spiral Dance
This picture inspired by the song (c) PaxPaganus
Just tossing around...
Nymph dress spheres
The Goddess and The Weaver
The goddess of Athens (Disney Hercules)