Kratos vs. The Hydra Picture

Third in my Video Game Boss Battles series is perhaps one of the most spectacular openings to any game series I've ever played:

The level-long, rain-soaked, chop-busting, finger-blistering battle against a nine-headed Hydra by the hardest man in video games, Kratos in God of War.

OK so I couldn't fit nine heads onto A4 paper, but hopefully you get the gist of things
Hand drawn in pen/ink.
Coloured over a couple of days in Watercolours and Photoshop CS.
Stock - Reference - Additional Brushes -
Kratos and God of War (c) Sony Entertainment
This Pic (c) Dennis Davies.
Greek God year book pg1
Kratos vs. The Hydra
For the fairest one
The Battle of the Labyrinth