Medusa Classic Mythology Sketch Card Picture

There are a couple of different versions of the Medusa story, but probably the most known is this one, owing to its author being Ovid:

Medusa was originally a ravishingly beautiful maiden, and a priestess in Athena's temple, but when she and Poseidon were caught making the nasty in Athena's temple, the enraged Athena transformed Medusa's beautiful hair to serpents and made her face so terrible to behold that the mere sight of it would turn onlookers to stone.

An alternate, earlier story involves her and her 2 other gorgon sisters, and is a bit more cthonic.

I completed 25 sketch cards (in both color and greyscale -- a change for me) and a base card for Perna Studios' Classic Mythology trading card set. Medusa is one of four early preview cards I'm allowed to show.

Approximately 2 x 3 inches. Copic markers, colored pencil, & white ink on cardstock.

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