115 Daijena Picture

Ground type.

Name derivation:
Daija (Japanese kanji for 'big snake') + Athena (Mythological Greek Goddess of the Earth)

Crawling Pokémon
Ground/Dragon Type
14'06" 520lbs
Ability: Sand-Stream/Pressure
National Dex Entry: 598
Hiero Dex Entry: 115
Evolves From: None
Evolves Into: None

Darijena is the third and last legendary serpent. It is the guardian of the Foot Key, a part of a trio that together open the Hidden altas where the legendary fossiles are hid. Daijena moves both underground and on ground and sun bathes a lot. Its skin is really bright. Daijena guards the Underground Temple and is often helped and very respected by rock and ground-type pokémon. Daijena's power are really overwhelming.

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Olimpicos 1
Naga Medusa Level 2
115 Daijena
Daddy's Girl 10
Daddy's Girl 50