Are you free? Picture

"Much has been written about the goddess Athena. As the patron deity of the city of Athens, she played an enormous role in the lives of not only the residents of that illustrious polis (Greek for city), but in many respects all of the Greek speaking world. Our oldest sources of Greek literature - the works of Homer and Hesiod - discuss Athena. The goddess appears in several significant passages of Homer's Iliad, and she is one of the most influential deities in the Odyssey in her role as Odysseus's patron and ally. Therefore, Athena's attributes were codified early in the epics and poetry of Greece: she was the divine sponsor of warriors and heroes, she introduced several of the arts and crafts necessary for civilization, and she represented wisdom. Obviously, the goddess played a prominent role in Greek mythology."......

I just thought it was my point of view of Athena....and I thought wisdom can come to you with a smile and mischief....and heroism can be in living and not it dying....

Acrylic on canvas - 9.5 x 12.5"
goodnite kiss from Morpheus
Are you free?
Lady Arachne
:: Saori ::