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Planet Data

The homeworld of the Athenan species, called Ehthenna in the Athenan language. A Class M planet that the early Athenans settled on after leaving Vulcan. It is also home to ruins of a pre-Athenan culture, believed to be the Athenan Goddesses.


Erichthonius (the Watcher): Named for Athena's companion bird in Greek Mythology, the moon is believed to be where the Goddesses watch over the Athenans.

Arachne (The Spider): Named for the young weaver turned into a spider in Greek Mythology.


Aegis Station: A Federation Starbase constructed in orbit of Athena, it is the base of operations for the 7th Tactical Fleet, and is tasked with the protection of Athena.
Arachne And Athena
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Athena: Promise of the Goddesses
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