Athena Goddess of Wisdom 2 Picture


This is for my AP class, I like it, it was a lot of work, I have to do 11 more. I got this yo.

I painted it in gouache and then scanned it and edited it like a photo in Photoshop. It's still tilted to the side weirdly so this isn't the final version, but I did all the art. Most of the photos used are not mine simply because I don't have time to take my own right now. It's half digital art and half traditional so I don't know what category to put it in.... I'll say it's mixed media.

There are more to come... so many more... Suggestions for the future? The only ones I won't change on account of me already being painting them are Hera, Artemis, and Apollo.

EDIT: More at [link]
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G o d d e s s . o f . W a r . a n d . W i s d o m
Athena Goddess of Wisdom 2
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