Venus von Willendorf SKETCHes Picture

Some concept I invented some time ago, I really should make any good drawings of it. Finally I'm a little more creative with mythology. First of all: this is absolutely not to laugh about chubby women nor men! This is meant to be funny, but not ridiculous becaus I really wanted t draw a beautifull Venus, but also a chubby one. So, no offense.
On the pic you can also see a very beefy Mars with great belly, somewhere in the middel above the head of a Vulcanus who looks like Ptah (because I wished to make a Hephaistos who's just as handsome as Apollon himself) and beneath you see a ugly hag with one eye, a big tooth and snakes in her her under a helmet. That's Bellona, goddess of war and companion, wife, sister or daughter to Mars, in this case: his wife. Bellona was identified with the greek Enyo, who was a daughter of Phrokys and Keto, one of the Graiai and sister to the Gorgons. The Graiai were three grey-haired women who possessed together one eye and one tooth... well Enyo/Bellona now possesses the tooth and the eye, no problem for a wargoddess. The snakes have to show her relationship to Medusa.
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Venus von Willendorf SKETCHes
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