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Something me and my friend are writing. Just the cover cause I wanted to show it off a bit.

I would like to say, I would not like to be corrected on any falseness I am aware of them, I have been studding Greek Mythology for 6 years,

Pendant "HZ"- Symbol for Shirin Daughter of Hera and Zeus (H for Hera Z for Zeus self explanatory)

Trident and Sun- Symbol for Eric Son of Posiden and Eos (trident the weapon of Posiden and a rising sun for the goddess of the dawn)

Scales-Symbol of Akron Son of Zeus and Nemesis (Nemesis is the goddess of justice and Revenge, comonly seen holding the scales, you may not be able to see it but in one try is a lightning bolt, in the other a storm cloud)

Two broken arrows and Diamond- Symbol of Thridian Son of Hades and Artemis(I know, I know, Artemis isn't supposed to have kids, oh well get over it. Diamond because Hades is also the god of wealth, and the arrows because Artemis is the goddess of the hunt)

The fire and the sword- Symbol for Peter Son of Hephaestus and Athena(Fire because Hephaestus is the god of the forge, and the sword because Athena is the goddess of warcraft)

Two crossed swords-Symbol for Rena Daughter of Athena and Ares(Notice I used the same sword as the one from Peter's? Same here with Athena, goddess of warcraft, and Ares god of war)

Skull with stars-Symbol for Shadow Daughter of Nyx and Thantos(Skull for Thantos god of death and Stars for Nyx goddess of the night)

Two roses crossed around arrow-Symbol for Narcissus Son of Apollo and Aphrodite(He's part of a set of twins. Rose's because they always make me think of love and Aphrodite is the goddess of love and arrow because Apollo is the god of archery)

Two golden apples and sun- Symbol for Eon Daughter of Apollo and Aphrodite(Narcissus' twin sister. Golden apples, only two because they're twins, due to the myth of Atlanta, and Aphrodite's part in it, sun because Apollo is god of it)

Scythe and grape vine- Symbol for Teresa Daughter of Dionysus and Demeter(Farming scythe because Demeter's the goddess of farming, and grape vine because Dionysus is the god of wine and everything wine related)

Winged sandal with rainbow back- Symbol for Kodan Son of Hermes and Iris(Rainbow because Iris is the rainbow goddess, and the winged sandal for Hermes because he owns a pair)

Shield with wings- Symbol for Scarlet Daughter of Hermes and Athena(Shield is Athena's shield, the one with Medusa's face on it(yes that is what that big green blob is) and the wings, once again for Hermes' winged sandals)
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