MH: Apollo H. Montoya Picture

Now Apollo! My first male OC! I did pretty good, I think. :3

Name: Apollo Helius Montoya (nicknamed "Sunny Boy" by his teachers)


Grade (if a student): Freshman

Gender: Male

Species: human

Occupation/role: student

Era of death (if ghost/undead) : n/a

Cause of death (if ghost/undead) : n/a

Orientation: straight

Relationship status: Dating Faythe Calypso

Likes: Greek Mythology (his role model is the god Apollo), girls, books (fantasy), girls, band (guitar, piano, and drums), girls, history, girls, red, girls, gold, girls, orange, girls, yellow, girls, archery, girls, cars, girls, the sun, girls, winning, girls, food, his sister always, oh, and did I forget girls?
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MH: Apollo H. Montoya
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