I'm a Tomboy bitch Picture

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This is the first piece of a small serie on Greek Gods and Godesses.

I like this mythology cause these gods are so weird. I mean, they act in a freakier way than humans and they are such perv's. They are totally Badass. They make me giggle.

So these are the twins Apollo (god of beauty and art) and Artemis (godess of forest and wildlife) having a quarel. God knows what about.

Artemis is such a Tomboy feminist Bitch, I like her so much. And her brother is such a big M. I-am-sooo-great.

However I think you ought to fullview to read. I'll eventually make it look cleaner once my PC stops making mess with photoshop.
SaNa Greek time
I'm a Tomboy bitch
Chibi Greek God Design. Page 2