Crossroads Picture

A tribute to Glen Angus (rest in peace) whos series of paintings called "Victory Gals" inspired me and a tribute to my favorite television series (and the best story ever told) Battlestar Galactica. This particular painting represents the return of Kara "Starbuck" Thrace from the dead - reborn as an angel. She is wearing a toga and using bow with arrows of Apollo as her weapon to fight her enemy, because the whole BSG saga was based on Greek mythology, so Kara also represents the Greek goddess Artemis, who also hunted with a bow and arrows. Im considering painting the whole series...Boomer with a cylon raider, Caprica with heavy raider, Dualla with raptor...and one that would be in the middle of all these 4 - Starbuck falling in to the eye of Jupiter but being held by two angels on each side - Baltar and Caprica...
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