Apollo's Song Picture

That is why you don't take advice from the trickster god....

This came from me thinking about what Hermes says at the end of SOM late at night while I was sleep deprived. I got the image of Apollo singing in my head so Muse-san forced me out of bed to draw this. *Grumble*

Muse-san-*newspaper head whack*
me-....... ;_____;

I don't think it says in TC but Artemis' arrows cause painless death, or rather cause you to die in your sleep. (Apollo's arrows do something as well but I can't remember what.) Most version of the myths don't bother to mention this so I don't have many sources to draw from, but I also haven't had any contradict it.... so I'll take it as canon.

Siderant- I'm not really fond of how RR did Apollo and Artemis. It wasn't bad, and it was funny, but it just didn't feel like them to me...

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Apollo's Song
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