Artemis Moon Picture

copyright Diana Hume 2008
Artemis/Diana is my namesake goddess. As the goddess of the moon, she also watches over maidens and also her friend, Orion. Orion's Nebula is a companion piece to this. Artemis and Orion were hunting buddies, but she caused him to be turned into a constellation. Her twin brother Apollo became jealous of the time they spent together and arranged to have him stung by a scorpion. Artemis intervened and both Orion and the scorpion became constellations. However they are in opposite parts of the night sky and never come in contact.

I like that she is independent and somewhat watchful of her friend. On a more personal level a small part of me also likes the idea of starting out with a story connected to brother and sister twins. It makes me think a little of my own brother, Life, who though not my twin was born on the same day as me. Like Apollo and Artemis we were a little yin/yang simply because we were Life/Di. It gives me a warm feeling to include some good thoughts about him and my other late family members in this springboard to my new life in my ancestral home.
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Artemis Mirrors: The Gateway
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