16. Questioning Picture

I took my first real oil-painting class this last semester and found that while oils are super-fun, I don't have enough patience for the amount of time it takes to set things up, or to wait for the paint to dry.
Additionally, I'd make mistakes while painting and think 'stupid fucking paints, where is my ctrl-z for painting?'
So I wanted to apply some of the painting-things I learned to a medium I'm more comfortable in. Unfortunately, it looks kind of Disney to me...I think her nose is too small, and her eyes are too Bambi. Bah.

I was reading some Greek mythology recently, as that''s the one mythology I never got into as a kid, and I realized that Artemis is kind of a judgmental bitch. I wondered if she ever questions her harsh punishments and violent reactions, or if she ever asks herself if the whole 'virgin' thing is really worth it.
So consider this a post-judgment questioning. Pick whichever mortal male that spied on her, there were at least 3 choices that made it down the history-gauntlet to us.
Moon Huntress
Pantheon Nova Preview  2
16. Questioning
Megan Fox as WONDER WOMAN!