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FULL NAME: Ani Kamealoha (Ah-nee Kah-May-Ah-Low-Hah) Legally, her last name is changed to "Myazaki", but she herself does not adopt the surname and reffers to herself by her birth-given name.
MEANING: Ani -- Glass. Kamealoha = "The beloved one"
NICKNAME: Nini (Pronounced "Ninnie", or however that's spelled; in the sense of a dunderhead or a silly-head)
MEANING: Just a teasing nickname some bullies gave her
RESIDENCE: She lives in Hawaii, but is soon transferred to Danville
SPECIES: Human / Hawaiian
GENDER: Female
ALLERGIES: Almost every kind of nut except for Peanuts and Walnuts, though Pecans have a very mild reaction, so she eats Pecans anyway. Also, by definition, she is lactose intolerant, but it just gives her intense gas sometimes, which she doesn't care about in the least, so she enjoys her daily intake of milk anyway.
SEXUAL PREFERANCE: Bisexual, if the people around her didn't continue to be stupid
WAY OF SPEAKING: While her voice is still very feminine, her way of speaking is very "rough-n-tough" except when she has her moments of sensativity. Her tone is always soft, for the most part, but she commonly speaks in a way similiar to how Buford talks
THEME SONG(S): What Doesn't Kill You(Stronger) by Kelly Clarkson


HAIR STYLE AND LENGTH: Is usually kept in a ponytail. When it's up, it reaching the middle of her back. When it's down, it reaches her butt.
EYES COLOR: Chocolate Brown
HEIGHT: Just above Phineas' height
WEIGHT: 122lbs
OUTFIT/CLOTHING STYLE: Wears mostly reads and blues; commonly wearing shorts and T-Shirts, not liking to wear anything too feminine. She rarely wears shoes; she'd more likely walk around in socks or barefoot. If she has to wear shoes at all, she'll wear sandles. She does like to accessorize, though; floral styled.
SELF CARE(MAKE UP): No make-up
FIRST IMPRESSION ON PEOPLE: Depends on the person and whether she's in a "shut out the world" mood or "just don't pester me and we won't have problems" mood. Typically, though, she gives off the air of "anti-social loner".
BODY TYPE/BUILD: Slightly on the chubby side, but is by no means fat or chunky; just a little thicker than average. She does have strong muscle mass and does have a well built body, though it's nothing definite or obvious.
DEFAULT EXPRESSION: A sort of "Don't mess with me and we won't have problems" look; a warning look to any who might think to try and mess with her. Though, when around friends, she has a slight, casual smile.
POSTURE: Often casual and unproper, her arms almost always folded; slumps a bit when she's sitting and not doing something, but sits up straight when her hands are occupied with something, like food or homework or...something like that
DESCRIBE THEIR VOICE:. Soft and feminine, despite her way of speaking; can fake her tone to sound harsh and rough, but at default, her voice is soft, though does tend to borderline around a deadpan sarcasm.
WEAPON OF CHOICE: Her hands, the knife she carries, and she makes any object she gets her hands on a lethal weapon. Trained in martial arts/self defense by both herself and a martial arts teacher to defend herself against assaults and physical bullying, she can quickly figure out the physical weaknesses of others to defend herself. Despite her size, she is no pushover.


(Parents listed below are adoptive. The reason why is noted in Ani's Biography.)
MOM: Myazaki Keiko
HOW WELL DO THEY GET ALONG: Keiko does try to connect with her adopted daughter and get along with her, but Ani is still less than open about letting anyone else be her parent outside of her own kin. It's not that Ani doesn't like her. Ani likes her just fine. Keiko does try to be a good mother to her, Keiko and Ani don't have any culteral or religious problems, and Keiko IS a fun person. Ani just doesn't see her as her mother as much as "Legal Guardian 1". But if it counts for anything, Keiko got the number 1 spot.
DAD: Myazaki Akinobu
HOW WELL DO THEY GET ALONG: The language barrier makes things difficult. While Keiko speaks fluent English, Akinobu does not. He is fluent only in Japanese, as he never learned English when he came to America. His wife acts as his translator. Ani doesn't call him "Dad", but sees him as "Legal Guardian 2". He's nice, but they don't do a lot together due to their varying interests and that darned language barrier. Akinobu is usually busy with work anyway, but he means well and does try to be a good father. He's just new at it.
SIBLINGS: None (For now. Maybe gain some in the future. We'll see where it goes)
OTHER FAMILY MEMBERS: Ms. Han isn't really related to her; she's her social worker. But Ms. Han does care for Ani, as Ani's parents were dear friends of hers, and Ms. Han is the only adult Ani really trusts. Ani looks up to Ms. Han like an aunt, and Ms. Han acts as such when she isn't acting as her social worker.
CURRENT LOVA: None, but does have a less-than-willing crush on Phineas, given Phineas was the first person to treat her with kindess and remain patient with her cruelty. (Ferb's technically the second, but I'm trying to avoid overdone traits...|D)
REACTION TO MEETING SOMEONE NEW: She'll be on edge, not wanting to comminucate out of fear of being ostricized again, but when pushed to talk - usually by Halia or Ms. Han - she's quiet and is always cautious/on the defense.
ABILITY TO WORK WITH OTHERS: It depends on her tolerance for the person/people she has to work with.
HOW SOCIABLE(LONER,ETC): Anti-social, but only because people around her are constantly stupid. When around friends, she's mostly social; she's not shy by any means.
FRIENDS: Halia, Phineas, Ferb, Isabella - though at a friendly, crush-driven rivalry - Baljeet, Buford, though also at a rivalry at...just about everything. Is on aquaintance terms with the Fireside Girls; doesn't know them well, but doesn't have reason to dislike them either
PETS: Halia the Hummingbird
LEAST FAVORITE TYPE OF PERSON: Anyone who doesn't make the friends list
PARENTAL TYPE(PROTECTIVE,ETC): Laid-back, easy-going, open-minded, though uber-protective. If it means anything, she's already over-protective of Phineas- her Crush.
AFFINITY WITH...: Hawaiian/Flora Themes, Martial Arts, Entertainment, Water Sports
FAVORITE PEOPLE: Ms. Han, Keiko, Phineas
LEAST FAVORITE PEOPLE: Anyone outside of the people she actually likes


..WHEN YOU FIRST MEET THEM: Quiet, anti-social, borderline jaded and prejudiced, won't hesitate to hit you
..AS YOU KNOW THEM BETTER(AND THEY LIKE YOU): Friendly, creative, fun, wild, sensative, crazy - in a fun way - loyal and overprotective of her friends...namely Phineas and Halia. |D Won't hesitate to hit when provoked, though.
..AS YOU KNOW THEM BETTER(AND THEY DISLIKE YOU): Angry, cruel, prone to revenge and spite, won't hesitate to get physical or swear (But is often quelled/pulled back by her friends)
POSITIVE CHARACTERISTICS: Brave, Gentle, Spiritual, Creative, Cautious, Intelligent; Friendly, Caring and Loyal to those she likes
NEGATIVE CHARACTERISTICS: Pessemistic, Violent, Jaded towards society, has trouble trusting people, can take her overprotective nature to violent and extreme levels up to borderline paranoia, jumps to conclusions often, has her hypocritical tendancies
FAVORITE COLOR: Tie between Bright Red/Light Blue
FAVORITE ANIMAL: Birds, Dolphins, Dogs and Horses
LEAST FAVORITE FOOD: Fish (not to be confused with shellfish like shrimp and lobster.)
HOBBIES: Dancing, martial arts, meditation, yoga, music, water activities, mostly anything she finds an interest in
USUAL MOOD: Casual and laidback, though usually on her guard at all times
DRINK/SMOKE/DRUGS: Not now, but...later, might get into drinking for a year or two...|D
DARK VERSION OF SELF: She'd be completely jaded with no remorse or mercy, and no hope for change and only sees evil in the world
LIGHT VERSION OF SELF: She'd be a shy, nervous, clumsy wreck, seeing the good and best in everyone
HOW SERIOUS ARE THEY: Depending on the subject, she can range from "not at all" to "SERIOUS F**KING BUSINESS"
CLASS IN AN RPG: Knight OR Archer
(IN)DEPENDANT: A bit of both; she likes to think she's independant, but slowly - subconsciously - becomes dependant on her friends
SOFT SPOT/VULNERABILITY: Halia, Ms. Han, Keiko, the subject of her parents, the subject of her bullied past, animals, infants/toddlers, Phineas
OPINION ON SWEARING: Doesn't care; words are words in her opinion. She really doesn't see what makes "fuck" or "shit" or "bitch" obscene words. She'll usually only swear in her native tongue, though.
DAREDEVIL VS CAUTIOUS: A bit of both, depending on the situation/circumstances.
MUSIC TYPE: Any kind.
MOVIE TYPE: Action/adventure, Mystery/Horror
BOOK TYPE: Choose-Your-Own Adventure
GAME TYPE: Shooter Game; preferably zombie apocalypse or fighter pilot kinds
SLEEPING PATTERN: Has mild insomnia; stays up late doing whatever, sleeps for maybe...6-7 hours, then wakes up and starts the day normally
CLEANLINESS/NEATNESS: Has her room in a bit of an organized/planned clutter; it's a mess, but she knows where everything is
DESIRED PET: Already has a desired pet
HOW DO THEY PASS TIME: Whatever she finds interesting that day; she likes widening her net, be it progressing on her usual activities and personal studies, or trying something new.
BIGGEST SECRET(s): Her crush on Phineas, her issue with parents and people in general
FEARS: People/strangers, being blind, sharp objects including glass, needles, siccors, but excluding knives and swords for some weird reason; hospitals, doctors...
COMFORTS: The water, eating, stuffed animals...
DRUNK TYPE: Unknown.
SPECIAL ABILITIES/MAGICS: No magics, but she is gifted in martial arts and has a strong connection with nature. A special ability she has is the ability to copy almost anything she sees just by watching it a few times. (Most of it is physical acts she sees on TV and in movies)
HOW DID THEY GET SAID MAGICS: If they do count; from her years of spending her time in the ocean & the jungle, and from her years of training. Though, the latter -- as well as her ability to copy by watching -- could also just be natural.
DONE ANYTHING TO GET IN TROUBLE WITH THE LAW: Stole birdfeed for Halia once and has attacked several other kids, but otherwise has never gotten into any real trouble with the law
WHICH "7 VIRTUES" DO THEY HAVE: Diligence, Charity (Valour, if you wanna go by theology)

ROMANCE MOVIE: The rebelious main character
ACTION MOVIE: The action-girl love interest
CARTOON: ...pretty much the same as above, or just the tomboy-action girl
HORROR MOVIE: ??? (Due to my lack of expertise on horror movies, I can't make a logical decision.)
PORNO: The seme faking to be the uke to lower the REAL uke's defenses...if that makes any god-damn sense (*has never watched a porno, and thus has no experience in role picking*)

SAD: Bottles it all up and transfers the emotions into anger, hitting and breaking things until she wears herself out and breaks down crying.
HAPPY: Acts mildly pleased in front of others, but once she has a moment to herself, she'll squeel and giggle
ANGRY: Gets violent and loud, hitting and breaking things, yelling at people until she wears herself. She usually changes to sadness quickly.
AFRAID: Tries to cover up her fears with false bravado
LOVE SOMEONE: Hides it; acts casual around them but tries to make a few nervous passes to them every now and with Phineas.
HATE SOMEONE: Unless pulled back by Phineas or Halia, will openly act upon her hatred for someone...or at least verbally aknolwedge it. She'll get angry and violent, every passing word from the hated person constantly pushing her on edge
WANT SOMETHING: Will do whatever she has to to get long as she's not emotionally stepping on her friends
CONFUSED: Just stares with a blank look and says, "Translation, Olu'olu. 0~o" ("Please" in Hawaiian)

DANGER: If she feels she/the group are up to the challenge, faces it head on. If she thinks they're at a disadvantage, she'll (sometimes) know when to say "Lets not and say we did..." unless something really has her fired up that makes her willing to risk the disadvantage.
SOMEONE THEY HATE WHO HAS A CRUSH ON THEM: Is painfully honest and tells them to buzz off
PROPOSAL TO MARRY: Depending on who it's from. If anyone outside of Phineas, she'll probably kindly refuse. If Phineas, she'd playfully mock think for a moment and accept
DEATH OF LOVED ONE: Outwardly, to others, would just be very quiet; but when alone, would get angry and most likely destroy a lot of stuff, possibly getting angry at the person who died, but would eventually curl up into a ball and break down crying
DIFFICULT GAME/MATH/ETC: She'd struggle trying to do it herself, not used to asking for help, until someone offered to help.
INJURY: Having had to treat herself for injury before, would treat it immediatly
SOMETHING IRRESISTABLY CUTE: Would nervously and shyly aknowledge it, but otherwise become quiet


BIOGRAPHY: Born in Hawaii, Ani lost her parents at a young age. Her father divorced his wife and left her and Ani for undisclosed reasons when she was 3, and her mother passed away of illness when she was 4. She was sent to the orphanage directly after, where she was constantly bullied for her odd tastes in food, clothing, toys, stories...etc. Until she was 5, she just took the verbal abuse and the heartache of never being adopted, until one day, some girl made a crack about Ani's dad leaving because he couldn't stand being Ani's dad anymore. That was the last straw, and Ani attacked her. Ever since then, she has become an angry, distrustful and violent child, prone to anger easily and never letting anyone push her around or tell her what she had to be or do to be a valuable member of society. She had been considered for adoption a few times, but purposefully scared them all off, not wanting to run the risk of her Dad coming back to claim her again. Physical attacks became a constant thing, and she eventually had to learn self defense, though she also partially taught herself. Somewhere in the midst of all the anger, she ran away into the jungle near her orphanage and came across a lone egg just lying on the ground. She couldn't find a nest, so she took it home and kept in warm in blankets until it hatched into a little broad-tailed hummingbird, which Ani named Halia. Halia has imprinted Ani as her mother, though, as she grew, she quickly learned Ani was not her mother, but stuck with her as her loyal pet and friend anyway.
Eventually, her social worker and family friend, Ms. Akira Han, got a call from her friend, Keiko, about wanting to adopt a child. Ms. Han thought transferring Ani into a temproary home under the care of Keiko and her husband, Akinobu, would be a wonderful idea, so Ani was quickly transferred to Danville, Virginia.
Keiko, having recently moved to Danville herself, decided to take her new foster daughter around to meet the other kids in the neighborhood, where they eventually met the Flynn-Fletchers, as well as the other kids. At first, Ani was opposed to the idea of meeting new kids, but, as to be expected, Phineas' kindness, patience and niavety buttered her up, as well as the kindness of Ferb, Isabella and Baljeet, and the playful tough additude from Buford.
Just so she could stick around with her new friends, Ani agreed to stay under the Myasakis' care permanently.


LANGUAGES: English, Hawaiian, a little bit of Japanese
SCHOOLING LEVEL: Will enter Middle School after summer break
INTERESTED CAREERS: Pro-Surfer, Pro-Dancer/Musician, Photography, Child Psycology
EXPERTICE: Martial Arts, Dancing/Music, Strategy, Psycology (knows how people work)
PUZZLES: Not incredibly good at them, but likes to challenge herself mentally
CHEMISTRY: Struggles with it, both the subject and LERV. |3
MATH: Needs a little bit of a helping hand, but otherwise grasps it well
ENGLISH: Has trouble with learning the English spelling sometimes, but can read and write fine.
GEOGRAPHY: Studies it in her spare time, but otherwise, is no expert
POLITICS/LAW: Has no interest
ECONOMY/ACCOUNTING: Has trouble with money
COOKING: She knows how to cook fairly well, but leaves it to the people who really know what they're doing.
SEWING: He is handing with a sewing machine and has been known to make his own clothes
MECHANICS: Has an interest, but other than studying it when she came across a few books, has never acted on the interest
BOTANY (FLOWERS): Loves them. Doesn't know a thing about their scientific properties, but loves the different types of flowers.
MYTHOLOGY: Loves it.
DRAMATICS(ACTING,SINGING): Can act/sing fairly well, but has stage fright, and thus, feels nervous singing/acting in front of others. (Acting less than singing.) She has no problems showing off her dance moves, though.
READING LEVEL: Above her grade level; freshmen year of high school.
HOW GOOD ARE THEY AT PLANNING AHEAD: She barely makes plans; she's a picture person and handles the details when she gets there
IMPULSIVE/STRATEGY: She tends to go with the flow and react off of others, but her impulse and strategy is quick and precise.


DO THEY TAKE INITIATIVE: Not on a regular basis, but if circumstances drive her to, possibly...
HOW DO THEY ACT(SHY,ETC): Casual, somewhat shy and nervous, sometimes tries to make a pass when she's alone with her crush...That being Phineas, in this case
GENTLEMAN/LADYLIKE VS KLUTZY:. Klutzy, but does try to be a BIT lady-like, like Isabella....she just utterly fails. |D
PROTECTIVE: Oh, and how...
ACT LIKE FRIENDS OR LOVERS: Act like Friends...until ready for the next level
WHAT KIND OF PRESENTS DO THEY BUY: Anything her crush - Phineas - would like to have; might grant him a few flowers just to be nice, but otherwise, is a casual gift-giver
TYPE OF KISSER: Is generally nervous and awkward; tends to be slow and gentle
MAKE GOOD OR BAD DECISIONS: Both; it depends on her impulses and how badly she might panic
ARE THEY ROMANTIC: She has her own idea of romantic, but in the general sense, no.
FETISHES: Soft, bare skin, wetness, anything that incorperates flowers, pretty smells, or fruit; bondage (a very secret thing that even she doesn't know about. It's a subconscious thing)
S+M: (???)
GET JEALOUS EASY: It depends on the person and the circumstances. Her jealousy ranges.
WHAT WOULD HAPPEN ON THEIR DREAM DATE: She and her date would have a fun time together - she never really has a clear vision of the activity- and her date would admit to being attracted to her creativity and how unique she is, and somewhere in the mix, they would ultimatly kiss.
OPINION ON SEX: The best way two people can show how much they love each other, but meaningless if the two aren't 110% posative they love each other...


That was long...
Enjoy, and critique, please. :3

PnF (c) Disney
Ani Kamealoha (c) Me
Sketch of Ani (Drawn By) GinPhin because I fail as an artist...|D

PS: Oh, I almost forgot; despite how different the two shots look, they're not two different people. They're both of Ani; just with different looks. |D
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