Apollo Picture

My friend from schoolas Apollo, the Greek God of Musi, Light, and Medicine. First of all I drewthis because I can't afford a year book...so I came up with the brilliant idea of drawing my own. So this year I'm going to draw all my friends and teachers in two themes, either Greek Mythology or Famous cartoon characters. So far I've finished theline-art for Apollo, Hermes, Medusa, Zeus, and part of the Mad Hatter. Yeesh sure it tiring. I absolutely love how this one turned out...although it doesn't really look like my friend...oh well. I like the way the brown colored lines look. As you can tell...I need help on drawing horses...yes that's supposed to be a horse...don't laugh...
MYth: Winter Greeting
Zeus Sketch Card - Sam Agro
GkPan: Back from Hades
Apollo I