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3:30 in the morning? Why do I do these things so late?

My influence map. Blank can be found here: [link] These are things that inspire my artwork and my writing. All pictures belong to their respective owners. I do not claim any of them as my own.

Top right to bottom left.

Kushiel's Legacy: My favorite book series ever. A perfect blend of adventure, love, magic, humor and sexiness. Great series, it has inspired me a lot.

Kaori Yuki's Godchild: One of my favorite mangas. The artwork is beautiful and the story is poignant and addicting. I felt for all the characters, even the bad guys.

Namco's Tales of the Abyss: Fun game with great characters and artwork. It's just one of my favorites.

Jung-Hyun Uhm's Forest of Gray City: A short, but beautiful and gripping Korean Manwa. Really inspiring.

AFI: Been one of my favorite bands since middle school. Their songs are very vivid and tell stories. I love that. Most rock music is for that matter.

Ai Yazawa's Nana: What a story! It's very gripping and the art style is like no other. Laugh, cry, scream, this manga will cause it all.

Final Fantasy 7: Well anything Final Fantasy really, but seven is my favorite. The story and characters are wonderful. I'm glad they've expanded it so much but I would love to see them do that for some of the other games too.

Yoko Matsushita's Descendants of Darkness (which I spelled completely wrong on there. Been sitting at the computer too long): Great manga with great short and long arcs. They're beautiful and sad, but the main character can be hilarious too. Love it.

Pixar: Love them all. What more can be said?

Shigeru Miyamoto's Legend of Zelda: This one should be bigger because it's really what got me into drawing in the first place. If not for this game I may not even be an artist right now.

Deviantart: Of course this site is full of wonderful artists, it hasn't gotten passed me at all. I love collecting wonderful artwork in my favorites. This always inspires me.

Setona Mitzushita's After School Nightmare: A haunting manga that is both thought provoking and beautiful. There is a mystery about it that draws me in.

Hayao Miyazaki's Princess Mononoke: I love wolves, I love action. What a great movie this is! But then, I wish I could put all of Miyazaki's movies on here.

Mythology: Any mythology. I love reading it, I love learning about old tales. It's great stuff. Piece pictured is of the Greek Hyacinth and Apollo.
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