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I numbered them :3 The order is not important. I grouped them first by artist/styles (right) and by cultures/styles (left).

1. Greek Mythology. And the illustrations from the books I read when I was a child, all from renaissance/baroque and original pieces. (photo: Apollo & Daphne by Gian Lorenzo Bernini)

2. Celtic Mythology, spirituality and knots.

3. Chinese wuxia movies, art and myths. (photo: Flying Snow from Hero)

4. Alan Lee. He inspired me a lot in watercolour use. I love his works in the Odyssey / Iliad and Celtic myths. (photo: Rhiannon)

5. Luis Royo. I loved his fantasy works when I was a child and now that I know him in person (I went to dinner with him and his wife. And he's very very kind
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