Twilight of the Gods Preview 1 Picture

SO... You guys remember I had this little project going on involving making a comic?

Yeah it's still up, here's the definite cover, featuring the mythic wolf Fenris.

For those insterested in the history, here's a short synopsis;

During the Spanish Inquisition, thousands were tortured, killed and converted in the name of the God, the number of catholic followers exploded in number, and as faith in the Judeo-Christian God grew, so did his power...
Maddened by this surge of corrupted power, God devised a campaign to steal power from the other pantheons, that started to falter in power due to the growth of catholic followers. Deciding not to enter in conflict directly, God started sending his holy messager the archangel Metatron to free the great beasts of mythology, Fenris, Apep, the Midgard Serpent, Cronos and the hordes of hindu demons.

But the pantheons weren't caught entirely by surprise, Apollo the greek god of the sun, medicine and prophets had a vision predicting the great war between the gods and the great beasts... What they didn't know is that the Judeo-Christian God was behind the whole scheme...

Until a unlikely source came forth to reveal the sins of his father...
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In the Shadows
Twilight of the Gods Preview 1
Apollo and Artemis
Apollo and Re