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Base: Fegirlsbases.


Multi-Game and I's girl OC's as Sailor Scouts....Not of planets either.

Sailor Scouts of healing. Because their OC's for Trauma Center it would only be fitting to give them the names of healing gods from various mythologies. From Asclepius to Cardea. (Which is a real god. Look it up. Irony no?)

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Chrissie, Amanda and Brandy belong to Multi-Game.

If there was a decent base with a few guys I'd draw Taylor, Lucas, Ash, and Alex as Tuxedo Mask. (All three of 'em.)


Brigid (Irish goddess of healing.)

Nefertem (Egyptian Godess)

Apollo (Greek)

Asclepius (Greek)

Cardea (Roman)
Some fun Greeks worth knowing
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Sailor Anti Sues
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