Zephyr and Hyacinthus Picture

this is my adaptation of Zephyr and Hyacinthus.

Hyacinthus is a Spartan Boy, beloved of two dieties: Apollo (Sun God) and Zephyr (the gentle West Wind). One day, Apollo and Hyacinthus were throwing the discus, and out of jealousy Zephyr blew the discus off course, causing it to hit Hyacinthus on the head, killing him. The grief-stricken Apollo caused the hyacinth flower to blossom from the soil soaked from the boy's blood to immortalise him. It is said to bear the Boy's intials in its petals.

Depictions of these two often show Zephyr pulling Hyacinthus who is holding Apollo's seven-stringed lyre with one hand and attempting to wrap his cloak around himself with the other.

i took the inspiration from this artwork. though, this one is the more famous version. (you can find versions of it if you google the two names.)
images come from pictures i took from the book Greeks and Greek Love: A Radical Reappraisal of Homosexuality in Ancient Greece by James Davidson.

sketch: HB mechanical
shading: HB, 2B, 3B, 4B, 5B, 6B, 7B
shit shit the paper is shit

banner-like thing i made from edits/manips of this image here.

i am terribly excited and inspired by reading the book i mentioned (not to mention drooling over ancient boy-on-boy art). though, having random sparks and ideas could be an inconvenience especially when i don't always have tables around.
and it's a PAIN to finish a drawing you think is going to turn out good only to realise that it's not, aktuli, and realise only AFTER finishing it all. yes, blood sweat pencil-lead and all. *sulks and bawls*


note: i submitted this in the "portraits and figures" category since i am adapting personages in Greek mythology, rather than referencing the mentioned ancient artworks themselves. Y/N?

note 2: Zephyr (left) is holding Hyacinthus' HAND. gosh, you are taking it too far! although, groping is one popular form of declaring Eros, or so i've heard/read. and seen in old greek artz.

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