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Hey, here's my entry for :icondragoman12: 's contest!

Alack, it got all smudged and it now sucks even more than it did T_T Apologies, Austin. Hopefully the story shall make up for it....

Name: Pygmalion, but Pyg for short...
Age: Older teens; no one is really sure.
Favorite Food/Drink: Miso Soup and gingerale.
Main student: Pyg is kind of a lone wolf, and he hasn't found any students that he's become fond of, at least yet...
Element: Earth.
Teacher: Himself.
Pyg is the modern descendent of the ancient Greek Pygmalion (look at one of his rather-scarred-arms, and you'll see one of the Greek olive-crowns tattooed on it). Pygmalion, in ancient mythology, created his wife out of clay and begged Aphrodite to bring her to life. After losing his forearms in battle (as you can tell by his scars, he's a bit of a battle-junkie), Pyg begged the gods for arms made of his ancestor's special clay, and his request was granted. His forearms can be molded into any weapon of Pyg's choice. The clay mask on his face (yes he can breathe through it) is more or less there to cover more facial scars that he may feel self conscious about. He's quiet, reserved, and cynical, but he feels very strongly about his morals, even if they can be a bit atypical, and would kill to defend them. In battle he can get drunk off blood-lust, finding a primal euphoria in it....

So yeah, there he is. Sorry, again, for the smudgy quality of it; he'll probably be scrapped....
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